Service language: Italian

Responsible EDITS project partner: Province of Modena, Province of Ferrara

The purpose of the service is to provide pre-trip information different from those normally provided by other services available on the web. The EDITS Service in demonstration area ITALY provides estimated travel times based on travel times of the buses of the public transport, taking into account the period and the time of a requested route. The provided service considers the timing of a trip and its dependency on the time of the year (school period, period of vacation, holidays, etc.) and also the time of the day (soft hours or rush hours). In addition the service provides information on the index of dangerousness of the various road sections that are travelled.

Furthermore it is possible to find for the same paths public transport lines and stops with timetables and cross-border cycle paths for the provinces of Modena and Ferrara.

For more information have a look into the user guide (available in English).