About the EDITS project

EDITS focuses on providing interoperable and multimodal traveller and information services based on a harmonised platform for data as well as information exchange. EDITS project partners, mainly coming from public institutions and transport operators in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, and Slovakia, have started in 2012 to work together to deploy and operate cross-border multimodal travel information based on harmonized traffic data and information gathered on transnational level.

The EDITS Service

When talking about “Your EDITS Service” it is important to highlight that the EDITS concept is not based on the principle of setting up a new central multimodal journey planner within the involved EU Member States but instead of that improving, updating and harmonizing existing services in the partner regions to finally ensure the provision of seamless cross-border services to the single traveller. This is especially due to the fact that a lot of structures and systems are already existing in the national administrations – the challenge has been to improve, update and harmonise existing systems in a common way to finally enable your EDITS Service.

As a first and highly important step the EDITS consortium developed common specifications for the exchange of data within EDITS. This includes as one of the main components specifications for the exchange of geographic data (GIS), as the EDITS partners recognised that the development of consistent multimodal transport graphs within the single regions based on common specifications plays an important role. They form the very basis for the creation and adaptation of partner specific enhanced traveller information services. The so-called “EDITS-GIP format” is therefore the interface for the exchange of GIS data between the EDITS source systems (GIP in Austria, KIRA in Hungary, Zagabed in Czech Republic, etc.). It covers the GIS data of the transport infrastructure (for individual and public transport). The second main component within the EDITS concept is the specification for commonly agreed data and information exchange for various kinds of data next to the GIS data needed for the provision of end-user services (e.g. public transport information, time table data, road related information etc.). These specifications are based on existing European and national standards (like DATEX II, DINO, etc.) Within the range of one commonly defined “EDITS Multimodal Traveller Information service”, a modular approach enables the EDITS partners to deploy different end-user services depending on the data availability as well as the user expectations of the participating operators in their specific region in a modular way.

Based on the definition of this modular approach, using the commonly defined specification for cross-border data exchange for GIS data as well as the exchange of public and individual transport related data, the EDITS consortium has deployed 10 different web- or app-based EDITS-related traveller information services, covering different demonstration areas in Central Europe.

The EDITS services have been implemented in three demonstration areas, including CENTROPE (Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary), the triangle area between Austria, Italy and Slovenia as well as the Italian bordering provinces of Modena and Ferrara.

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EDITS Demonstration Areas

The demonstration area CENTROPE covers the Vienna Region (including Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland), Southern Moravia, the western part of Hungary and the city of Bratislava. Within this demonstration area 4 web-based EDITS Services (1 from Hungary, 1 from Austria and 2 from the Czech Republic) and 2 mobile Applications (provided by the Czech partners) are available.

Find your EDITS Service in CENTROPE here.

The demonstration area ITALY covers the Italian provinces of Modena and Ferrara. The regions demonstrate the cross-regional exchange of GIS and public transport data implemented within a common EDITS traveller information platform.

The EDITS service in the demonstration area ITALY is available here.

The demonstration area AUSTRIA-ITALY-SLOVENIA covers the cross-border triangular area linking the cities of Villach (AT) – Udine (IT) – Ljubljana (SI). Your EDITS Services within this demonstration area focus on individual transport and demonstrate the cross-border exchange of traffic messages among the motorway operators ASFINAG (Austria), AutoVie Venete (Italy) and DARS (Slovenia) in order to provide cross-border information about traffic states. 2 web-based EDITS Services are available for this demonstration area.
Find your EDITS Service for the 
triangle area here.