What is the Co-Cities Forum?

Become a member and improve travel Information in your city!

The Co-Cities Forum covers a group of cities and regions, traffic information service providers, technology companies and public authorities across Europe with the objective to improve the availability of real-time travel information. Based on an open source interface to exchange data between cities and/or regions you can provide transport and mobility related information services to different traffic information service providers. The Co-Cities Forum is open to new members.

Scope of the Co-Cities Forum

High quality multimodal transport information services for regular travellers and tourists are one important element for promoting sustainable modes of transport. It also helps to make a shift to sustainable and eco efficient mobility forms in urban areas. Co-Cities developed a commonly agreed interface (CAI) where various real time data for user friendly and up to date traffic information services can be merged and provided as one service on different platforms and end user devices and environments.

The benefits of participating in the Co-Cities Forum are:

         For Cities:

  • Technically low and open protocol based entry barrier for setup and extension of traffic information services in the city via the CAI – Commonly Agreed Interface 
  • Vendor and platform independent publication of transport and mobility related data to different service providers
  • Availability of a variety of mobile applications in the city with a “benchmark function” to other companies and developers
  • Open Access to knowledge and experiences of other cities/ regions and ITS technology providers

         For Service Providers / technical partners:

  • Low effort for installing and integrating the CAI – Commonly Agreed Interface in the existing service platform and applications
  • Service launch with real time data in different European cities from start
  • Access to knowledge gained and possibility to influence/discuss latest developments
  • Discover new service options and customer preferences from existing data

How to become a member?

Your city wants to stimulate multimodality in traffic and transport via better and combined travel information services? You want to join the transfer of knowledge and experiences of European cities and regions in the areas of traffic and traveller information? You are interested in the validation of traffic information services and the interaction with end user groups and communities? Then learn more about the Co-Cities Forum or become a member!

All information available at www.smart-mobility.at/co-cities-forum or contact the Co-Cities Forum coordinator Alexander Frötscher, AustriaTech GmbH, alexander.froetscher(at)austriatech.at


The Cooperative Cities Forum has been initiated by the project partners of the EU-funded CIP ICT PSP Pilot “Co-Cities – Cooperative Cities extend and validate cooperative mobility services” and intends to move the topic Europe wide RTTI one step further to realisation, by extending the partnership to active cities/regions and ITS service providers.

Founding Members of the Forum are

Cities & Regions: City of Bilbao, City of Bolzano, City of Brno, Florence Region, EMT Madrid, Reading  Borough Council, City of Treviso

Service & Technology Providers:  PTV, Memex, Softeco, Telematix, Mobilita di Marca, TIS - Innovation Park

Public Authorities & Platforms: Polis, AustriaTech, MLC-ITS Euskadi