Objectives of the platform

The increasing digitalisation of the mobility system is leading to an increasing need for cooperation between transport infrastructure operators. ITS Austria has committed itself to the guiding principle "digital : connected: mobile" in its current work programme and has defined the following priorities:



ITS Austria is committed to continuing and intensifying efforts to digitise the Austrian transport system. Data generated in the mobility system by various actors should be made accessible and used efficiently, taking into account data security and data protection, in order to guarantee citizens optimal, transparent, barrier-free and non-discriminatory access to the entire mobility system. This concerns all individual transport modes and offers as well as combinations of the individual offers under the concept of completeness.


Austria has long attached great importance to the intermodal networking of local mobility services. This also includes networking between the individual actors of the mobility system and connectivity with new actors. The Umweltbund (environmental association) plays a central role in ITS Austria's considerations for the creation of a sustainable mobility system and is to be further strengthened by targeted measures.


ITS Austria is committed to ensuring an effective, efficient and safe mobility system in which customer-oriented, environmentally friendly and affordable mobility services are provided. Designing and securing this sustainable mobility system is the core interest of ITS Austria's stakeholders.

In that setting the ITS performs the following tasks:

  • We monitor the international as well as the national framework, developments, trends and strategies of our members

  • We prioritize activities that are indicated to us from the discussion of the observation results

  • We develop political and strategic recommendations for the further development of the mobility system

  • We support and make proposals based on our recommendations for the pilot rollout of applications including accompanying research activities

  • We create an Austrian platform for ITS stakeholders

Boards of the ITS Austria

Representatives of the public sector together with operators of transport infrastructures form the ITS Steering Committee. All these actors need a political commitment, which could be given, for example, by the State Transport Conference. The defined political goals are also reflected in the government programme. These include, for example, strengthening the Open Data principle, ensuring direct, regular exchange between authorities and operators of critical infrastructure or maintaining and expanding public transport. This defines a "mission" to the ITS Steering Committee. Subsequently, and based on the political objectives, the committee must draw up a medium-term road map, based on a strategy, on which an annual work programme is based.

Subsequently, the ITS Steering Committee defines the need for specific working groups, projects and possibly joint operator structures. This need is coordinated with the ITS Forum (consisting of industry, research and interest groups), whereby the respective activities have to be deposited by the individual members of the ITS Steering Committee with resources (both personnel and financial).

The organisation and operation of ITS Austria is supported by AustriaTech, which forms the secretariat of ITS Austria. In order to be able to sign legally for ITS Austria (e.g. renting premises), the management of AustriaTech will also assume the role of Secretary General.

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