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MaaS: Fluidtime and UbiGo are launching a new project in Sweden


In order to pave the way for intermodal mobility in Sweden, the Austrian IT-Company Fluidtime (a company of the Kapsch-Group) and the start-up UbiGo have decided to bundle their business for a joint project. The mobility-service-app UbiGo will be introduced in a pilot project in Stockholm by the beginning of 2018. Fluidtime will be designing the entire technical implementation of the offered mobility solutions.

Mobility as a Service

The MaaS project start will start as a pilot in Stockholm – a complete market-launch will follow by the end of 2018. In 2014 there was already another MaaS pilot project taking place in Sweden - in Gothenburg. It included 70 households and was performed by Go:Smart and UbiGo. One of the results: Users of the app changed their mobility behaviour and thus became happier with their mobility.

Intermodal mobility services by UbiGo

The app, which is offering mobility services, combines public transport, car sharing, car rentals and taxis in an intermodal mobility service. It intends to make the everyday life of users and travellers easier and more sustainable.