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Self Driving Track Days at ÖAMTC Teesdorf


The event, held on the 28th of July, offers autonomous vehicle demonstrations and a full day workshop for anyone interested in driverless vehicles and related technologies.

Participants will be able to test modified road vehicles in technology demos, run by Virtual Vehicle Research Center (with support from NovAtel) and TU Graz (with support from DataSpeed). Further highlights are a full day workshop and an exhibition on the topic.

It is possible to arrange the workshop-programme individually – following half-day sessions are available:

  • ADA sensor theory plus in-car demonstrations (TU Graz)
  • Introduction to diverless vehicle tech plus demonstration (AutonomouStuff)
  • Artificial Intelligence in the self-driving ecosystem (AImotive)
  • Funcitonal Safety Considerations for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles (Horiba Mira)
  • Enabling heterogeneous systems with open standards for ADAS (Codeplay Software)

The event is open to everyone interested in autonomous vehicle technology, from students to engineers. Participation fee is 159 Euro. If you are interested you will find more information here.