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ITS European Congress Strasbourg: "ITS Beyond Borders"


The 12th ITS European Congress took place in Strasbourg in June. Topic of the event was “ITS Beyond Borders”. In the course of the congress, an image emerged very quickly: not only is the focus on automatization and connectivity, but the entire field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is booming. With so many new activities and stakeholders coming up it is important to actively and consciously bundle and lead them into a specific direction. Now it’s time to work out approaches for successful framework conditions – to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

On the way from private-public partnerships to real cooperation and participation

In the context of mobility as a service there is change going on: from “common data layer” towards “common service layer”, which addresses a change towards user requirements. It’s not enough for data to show high quality – it needs to have an impact on the living environment of the customers and users. Otherwise new technologies will not be successful in the future.

In several sessions in Strasbourg, policy issues and road operators have been addressed to include sustainable change in today’s mobility – for more participation and inclusion of users. Another goal is to involve the public in processes and to strengthen a cooperation of industry, services providers and the public sector.

During the sessions and keynotes a clear position of Austria was visible. Rennomated speaker at the congress included Peter Ummenhofer from Kapsch, Michael Kieslinger from Fluidtime, Gino Franco from SWARCO, Marko Jandrisits from ASFINAG and Martin Russ from AustriaTech. Most contributions covered the topics C-Roads, CAAD learning environments (test environments for cooperated connected automated driving) and traffic management. As another output of Austria’s strong representation in Strasbourg the TRA2018 was also an issue.

C-Roads: In the middle of “real world deployment”

In the opening speech of Commissioner Violette Bulc it became clear that C-Roads is launching a new era of road mobility. The future car will be connected, no doubt there. To enable this development, the Car2Car Communication Consortium (representing the automobile industry) and the C-Roads platform (representing the European ministries and road operators) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Strasbourg. It establishes close cooperation in order to ensure that first C-ITS services can be rolled out by 2019. In a first step, specifications for C-ITS services will be harmonized. More information on the C-ITS Cooperation between C2C-Communication Consortium and C-Roads can be found here.

You will find more details on the Congress and the full programme here.