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Implementing Cooperative Services in Europe in a harmonised way


European roads should be made safer for the society, while at the same time, traffic should be shaped towards more efficiency and sustainability. Cooperative systems, also known as C-ITS, give a significant contribution by linking vehicles with the infrastructure. Information for travellers is transmitted faster and more precisely. In that way, transport safety is improved, traffic flow is harmonised and the road transport system becomes more sustainable.

In order to use the complete potential of C-ITS, a European-wide availability of services, based on cross-border-cooperation between public authorities and road operators, is essential. With the launch of the C-ROADS platform, the base for developing specifications with the goal of implementations of cooperative systems in a harmonised way across Europe is set. Member States throughout Europe will implement and test a set of cooperative services within the next years.

Doing so, C-ROADS is also following the goals of the Austrian C-ITS Strategy, where the essential actions until 2020 from the view of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) are joint together and put into an international context.

Further information can be found here. The C-ROADS platform www.c-roads.eu will be available soon.