Roadmap for the Deployment of ITS in the Danube Region


In the frame of the ITS Austria Conference "Bridging Boundaries" in autumn 2014 a process was initiated in collaboration with the EU Danube Region Strategy (EUSDR) to develop a "Roadmap for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the Danube Region". End of 2014, a stakeholder survey was launched to inquiry the ITS priority of all Danube Region countries. Preliminary results of this survey are now available.

The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) was launched as a second macro-regional strategy in 2011 by the European Commission. Today, 14 Danube Region countries participate in EUSDR, encompassing nine EU Member States and five third countries. Mobility and transport is a key issue in the EUSDR. The "Connecting the Danube Region" is one of the four thematic pillars of the Danube Region Strategy. As part of one pillar a defined priority area is "improving mobility and multimodality", both on inland waterways, as well as on the road, rail and air links.

The EUSDR action plan that accompanies the Danube Region Strategy, formulates specific fields of action in regard to the EUSDR objectives. AustriaTech’s focus for the activities concerning the Danube Region Strategy is on Action No. 7 "To develop further Intelligent Traffic Systems by using environmental-friendly technologies, especially in urban regions". In the frame of the ITS Austria Conference the creation of a “Roadmap for the Deployment of ITS in the Danube Region” has been started in collaboration with the coordinator of the priority area “land transport”, Franc Žepič of the Slovenian Ministry of Transport. This roadmap is intended to support the Action no. 7 through concrete deployment issues that are agreed with a wide range of stakeholders in the EUSDR countries. The survey of ITS deployment issues which are relevant for the Danube Region countries is the basis of the roadmap. Thus a stakeholder survey was launched following the stakeholder workshop in Vienna, to allow a prioritization of IT topics by all Danube Region countries.

So far eight countries (refer to figure) participated in the survey indicating their priorities and evaluating the deployment risks for certain ITS services/measures. The survey results in both, the national ITS priorities, as well as the ranking of ITS services/measures for the entire Danube Region. In a nutshell, the harmonized access to public transport data, access to dynamic road data, as well as the provision of multi-modal travel information is of high priority in the Danube Region. The detailed roadmap will be generally accessible as soon it has been adopted by the EUSDR Steering Group.

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