A summary of the World Collaborative Congress wocomoco 2015


The congress is already a permanent element in the engagement to foster the collaborative mobility and connects the relevant representatives of politics, public administration, research and private sectors. This year there was a lot of space for discussions. The interactive congress format focussed on keynote speeches and top-class casted panel sessions as well as a new and experimental method of interaction, the so called "FishCamps". Numerous experts of economy, science and politics competed and could win recognition with inclusion of the audience.

The key aspects of this year discussed were:

  • Meeting the policy challenge
  • Regulating between public and private transport
  • Keydrivers to boost business
  • Future and visions of collaborative mobility

The outcome of the discussion was that mobility takes a hard turn due to technological developments, growing ecological awareness and increasing costs. . There is no doubt that the need of mobility is unchanging demanding and will not decrease but turn different.

Collaborative mobility plays a decisive role and needs networking, flexibility and brings a new way of comfort. For this new market the services need to be harmonised with the requirements of the users. Therefore a dialogue in the view of the customers is demanded. The approach is to create new regulatory frameworks as data privacy, reliability of customers and keeping transparency. For a sustainable change of the transport paradigm innovative organisations with alternative business models are required which are able to exist beside the big players. 

Further information concerning wocomoco, the presentations, the speakers and pictures of the congress can be found here.