The Austrian toll sticker is going digital


From mid-November 2017 on it is possible to purchase the motorway permit sticker in a digital form at the web shop of ASFINAG or at the “Unterwegs” app. Just as the classic sticker, there are ten-day, two-month and yearly timeslots for the sticker. Also the costs do not vary – both period of validity and price remain the same.

Advantages of changing to a digital motorway toll sticker

  • No more gluing and scratching: the digital sticker is bound to the license plate of the vehicle and does not need to be glued on the windscreen.

  • Buying a motorway tollt sticker – anytime, anyplace: When you get the motorway permit sticker in digital form, you are neither bound to a certain place nor a specific time. Please note: Customers can still withdraw from the online purchase of a product or service within 14 days. So when buying a digital motorway permit sticker, it is important to include this deadline (plus an additional three days for a possible withdrawal notification via the post office). Therefore, the digital motorway permit sticker is valid only from 18 days after the online purchase.

  • Easier change of license plate: Since the digital toll sticker is not bound to a specific vehicle but to a license plate you don’t need your own sticker for each vehicle. It is possible to comfortably use the digital version of the toll sticker for up to three vehicles.

Please find more information about the new digital motorway permit sticker (in German) here.