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Living Labs and Autonomous Driving at CORP 2017


The 22nd International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society takes place on 12th till 14th of September 2017 at the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien). AustriaTech will be presenting two Special Focus Sessions:

Special Focus Session “Enabling Environments for Urban Mobility and Planning”

13. September, 16:30 – 18:00, Auditorium 1

Due to the dynamic development of cities and the surrounding regions, problems in the field of transport and mobility lead to growing challenges on all levels. At the same time urban and suburban regions promise new opportunities as “hot spots” for innovations. Since research projects face limited possibilities and frameworks, they seldom reach their full potentials in terms of putting their outputs into urban and societal practice.

In this Special Topic Session the concept of “Livings Labs as Enabling Environments for Urban Mobility and Planning” is explained and discussed from different perspectives: the public (funding) sector, research and Living Lab management. Participants will get insight into the rationale, approaches and methods for living labs as well as the challenges of running open innovation in an urban living lab.

More information on the initiative of Urban Mobilitylabs in Austria can be found here.

Special Focus Session “Automated Mobility is Coming to my City!”

13. September, 14:00 – 16:00, Auditorium 1

This session gives an introduction to the topic of connected and automated mobility, which is manifold and involves passenger traffic as well as freight, individual traffic and public transport.

Three use cases are presented, focussing on different aspects of Automated Mobility within the city, to provide a solid basis for the following discussion.

Main topics of this Special Focus Session:

  • Automated driving in cities and agglomerations: specific scenarios and use cases
  • Design of planning perspectives for “The Intended and the Unintended”, “Functional Mobility Spaces” and “Operating Environments”
  • Discussion and clarification on “Chances,Challenges and Tasks

Guest Speakers:

  • Anna Mayerthaler, Wiener Lokalbahnen
  • Mathias Mitteregger, TU Vienna Futurelab/Avenue 21
  • Michael Nöst, IESTA/DIGITRANS

More information on CORP 2017 and the current program overview can be found here.