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SPICE supports public innovative procurement in Europe


The ever increasing demand for implementation of sustainable and innovative transportation solution in order to reach the cities service goals, dictates the need for more advance methods of procurement to address key parameters such as innovation, scalability and interoperability. Therefore, there is a strong need to establish a domain for understanding the public buyers’ needs and the market perspectives in this matter. The project SPICE (Support Procurements for Innovative transport and mobility solutions in City Environment), which started in September 2016, will give an invaluable chance to public authorities to share their experiences of procurement of innovative sustainable transportation solutions and to learn from each other.

The main objective of SPICE is to provide a forum for facilitating the public procurement of innovative sustainable transport and mobility solutions in urban areas. The project aims to enable uptake of innovative and sustainable mobility solutions and to enhance the competitiveness of European industry in the transport and mobility services through smarter public procurements.

Over a 24 month timeframe, this project will enable public procurers to form a stakeholder group. SPICE will gather the best practices in procurement of innovative sustainable transport and mobility solutions in three hierarchical levels: national, regional and city levels by engaging with leading European cities and regions, industry and academic institutions to facilitate sharing of their best practices and demonstration of using public procurements for innovative solutions. Therefore various instruments will be used: PCP, public-private-innovation partnerships, market consultation, award criteria, etc.

It will carry out in-depth analyses on current practices, to look into various possibilities to enable fast adoption of new technologies, and to define strategies of procurement approaches and award criteria stimulating innovation, thus forming a set of recommendations.

This will assist public authorities to use this collection of best practices in a more constructive and simple manner and implement the recommendations through capacity building and knowledge transfer activities. Finally, using the project as platform, SPICE will form a number of buyers groups to work on strategies on how to plan joint, cross-border, procurement actions for their sustainable transportation projects, and – if possible – to commence planning of such actions during the timeframe of the SPICE project.

Project Partners: Copenhagen (Coordinator), Partner: Hamburg, Helsinki, Tampere, Northamptonshire County Council, AustriaTech, ERTICO, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (Netherlands), North Denmark Region

Period: September 2016 - August 2018


Project Coordinator: City of Copenhagen
The Technical and Environmental Administration Traffic Department
Bahar Namaki Araghi, ITS Project Manager

Project Partner: AustriaTech
Bianca Kapl

Webpage: www.spice-project.eu (will be available soon)