RITS-Net in the final year


The goal of the project is, that partner regions exploit the full potential of ITS solutions in both, the planning and implementation of their regional mobility strategies, dealing with technical and non-technical aspects, and to develop regional ITS Action Plans adapted to their specific local contexts.

The consortium comprises 8 regions situated in Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Bulgaria, Ireland, Latvia and Italy, which is entrusted by the lead partner Regione Marche with project coordination. Austria is represented by AustriaTech as the 9th partner, which supports and advises the consortium in all aspects and tasks in the project.

7th thematic workshop in March

So far, 6 thematic workshops on specific ITS fields of application have been conducted and partner regions have been highly involved in the exchange of experiences and practices, also with local and international stakeholders. The last thematic workshop focused on “Advanced Control of Vehicle and Incident (C-ITS)” was held in conjunction with ITS Ireland conference in Dublin (20th-21th November 2013). All contributions of the workshops are available for download on the RITS-Net website. The next (7th) thematic workshop on “Fleet management and Freight” will be held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) from March 24 to 26, 2014. Agenda and registration form for the workshop will be available soon on the website.

Besides of the accomplishment of the thematic workshops, the partners worked on the analysis of the state-of-art in the individual regions, in terms of current ITS deployment. In depth knowledge on the starting point, in regard to transport challenges and potential for ITS to solve mobility bottlenecks, is essential to build up the studies on specific, regional ITS solution. In this context good practices from each region were collected and exchanged, which are made available over the interactive RITS-Net map to any interested party.

The RITS-Net project “Regions for Intelligent Transport Solutions Network”, with duration of 3 years, is a Regional Initiative Project funded under the INTERREG IVC EU Programme. In general, the Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC, financed by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund, helps Regions of Europe to work together, share experiences and good practices in the area of innovation, knowledge economy, as well as environment and risk prevention. RITS-Net has been financed under the theme ‘Energy and sustainable transport’.

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