New Ways of ITS Deployment


On 29th of April the iMobility Forum Plenary Meeting took place in Brussels. iMobility Forum provides a platform for ITS stakeholders in Europe dealing with development and implementation of ITS. As a new topic (in addition to the presentation of the results of the iMobility working groups) this year’s forum dealt with “new ways for deployment of ITS”. AustriaTech, which is actively involved in this topic also through their participation in the European projects “iMobility Support” and “P4ITS” , presented the challenges and possibilities of “pre-commercial procurement (PCP)” and “public procurement of innovation (PPI)” as alternative instruments to foster the deployment of ITS.

Public authorities are key players for ITS deployment. But these relevant ITS stakeholders (like cities, regions, ministries, road authorities, etc…) are often subject to the public procurement law, which has been in the past quite restrictive regarding the procurement of innovation. Active discussion and awareness for instruments like PCP and PPI are the first steps to meet these challenges. The discussion following the presentation of AustriaTech has shown the interest of the iMobility Forum members, but also the relevance for ITS deployment and the need for further information activities. As mentioned by the European Commission (DG CONNECT) at the iMobility Forum Plenary meeting, new instruments for procurement will play an important role for the future ITS deployment activities, especially when dealing with “Smart Cities”.