Highlights from Helsinki 2014 – 10th ITS European Congress


The motto of this year’s congress was „ITS in your pocket – proven solutions driving user services“ and this were reflected from papers, sessions and discussions on easy access by end-users to deployed mobility solutions.

Throughout this 10th ITS European Congress representatives of governments, national, European and international companies concentrate in more than 100 sessions on six key topics:

  • New mobility apps for consumers and businesses
  • Smart transactions (ticketing, infrastructure usage, insurance, travel, parking, etc.)
  • Multimodal network operation at city, region, national and international level
  • Productivity for transport systems including logistics and public transport
  • Toward zero emissions
  • From connected to automated vehicles


The concept „Mobility as a Service“ which envisages a further step towards seamless transport was discussed at the Ministerial Round Table and the process was recorded in a Joint Statement which will build the basis for further discussions on the importance of ITS to reduce CO2 emissions in Bordeaux next year.

ITS Austria activities

Austria showed their high-profile expert status in three from eight Executive Sessions, 16 from 40 Special Session and 16 from 250 Technical Papers. Furthermore they showed their strong innovative capacity together with six partner projects on a joint booth at the exhibition.

  • Floating Car Data – Testbed Salzburg – floating car data technologies
  • Cooperative ITS Corridor
  • GIP – Graph Integration Platform
  • REETS – Regional European Electronic toll Service
  • VAO – traffic information Austria

Moreover ITS Austria could attract interested partners with the kick-off of the Co-Cities Forum and explain their motivations for the Forum as an open platform. Also the Live Presentation of the SEE-ITS server and app motivates experts to discuss the software development directly with the software developer.