European Mobility Platform UrbScout online now!


UrbScout assists you in looking for the appropriate possibility of transport in Southeast European Cities.

A rail traveller arrives at the train station Trieste and needs to cover the last mile to the hotel, business meeting or restaurant. With a look into UrbScout the non-local person gets a picture of the supplied mobility-apps. Actually all offered mobility apps from Vienna, Bologna, Trieste, Venice, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Thessaloniki, Bucharest, Sofia, Budapest and Zagreb are integrated. After choosing an app it routes you in the correspondent store for download. The traveller receives a comprehensive and pleasant overview for reaching the destination fast and simple. Region Managers enable the quality of the suggested apps, which are commonly used by the urban people. App-developers can send their proposal to their nearest Urbscout-Hubmanager or a city applies for the inclusion on UrbScout:

UrbScout is a free, international platform providing an overview of apps and websites for mobility services. This platform is the result of the European Rail4See project, which deals with solutions to make railhubs in cities more attractive and appealing as interface to other traffic modes and boost multimodal transport. The project was funded by the INTERREG South East Europe (3rd call) Program.