Presentation of the CoCities Forum at the POLIS-Conference in Madrid on 27th to 28th November, 2014


Based on results of research and deployment (for example of e-Motion, In-Time and CoCities) an interface for data exchange between cities/regions and the traffic information service provider was developed. Founder members are the cities Bilbao, Treviso, the region Florence, Reading, Vienna, Bozen and EMT Madrid. The forum invites further members which instale the CAI (common agreed interface) to enable a user friendly and seamless access to multi modal travel information. The CoCities Forum supports the cities in implementation and communicates the know how for the deployment of cooperative travel management (for example ITS Directive, Open Data Standard).

At the POLIS-Conference the possibility is given to inform about the CoCities Forum but contact AustriaTech as well directly. Contact person: