ICCVE Report


„The future of mobility enabled by Connected Automated Vehilces“ was the topic and in high level industry summits and technical sessions many aspects of it have been presented and discussed. Complementary to the conference in the foyer an exhibition of current best practice solutions was shown by industry participants like SWARCO, KAPSCH, SIEMENS, ASFINAG and research institutions like the UAS Technikum Wien, the Virtual Vehicle Center Graz or the Galileo Agency (GSA).

„The use of connected/autonomous controlled vehicles will essentially contribute to the reduction of accidents with people injured or dead on all modes of transport. In the conference not only the scientific/technological developments are presented but also the social basic parameters of the future mobility", underlines General Chair Dr. Reihard Pfliegl. The yearly conference - Peking 2012, Las Vegas 2013, Vienna 2014, Shenzen 2015 – gives priority to support this sustainable trend.

In the ICCVE 2014 congress week overall the following three topics have been confirmed to be the main drivers in the near future:

  1. Up to now divided research and development areas as the connected vehicles environment and automation in transport are currently defining future common topics of interest and will work together in an integrated way in the future transport networks and systems view.

  2. For the area C-ITS not only vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication technology but also the vehicle to road infrastructur (V2I and I2V) element is important for the deployment of this next technology step in connected transport infrastructure networks. This has been confirmed in major Field Operational Test´s worldwide.

  3. For using and introducing C-ITS technology in mixed traffic environments the technology is reliable, but the right „package of applications“ that fully convinces end users has still to be found, and for the next phase an open cooperation of partners is necessary.