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CROCODILE On-site visit – A glance at international traffic management


The tour started at the traffic control centre (TCC) in Palmanova (Italy), then continued with the regional control centre of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and ended up in Vienna-Inzersdorf (Austria) at the traffic management centre of Austrian motorway operator ASFINAG.

The Italian focus within CROCODILE is on collecting roadside information and developing point-of-interest-information about traffic situations. This approach allows better trip planning and use of co-modal resources and solutions across borders. In addition it is planned to implement Dangerous Goods tracking and tracing, including data from neighbouring countries, as well services for HGV drivers on transnational level in order to plan trips and resting periods accordingly to national and international rules. The first visit in Palmanova encompassed a demonstration of operational services for traffic status and road weather information on the main road network and at cross-border level. In 2015 the DATEX II node at the TCC will be implemented, along with a TCC software update, data exchange with road operators and authorities of other Member States, fostering the harmonisation of common services.

The second stop was at the regional control centre Ljubljana with the main focus on the upgrade of ITS applications and video detection in tunnels. Slovenian road operator DARS presented the refurbished ITS applications in tunnels in combination with traffic management, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of driver needs in terms of information and comfort. This includes variable message signs (VMS) and other sub-systems like CCTV, smoke and fire detection, road weather stations, height control and user information systems. All the mentioned will comply with the requirements under the Road Tunnel Safety Regulations (Annex II of the EU Directive 2004/54/EC).

An important point for DARS in 2015 will be the upgrade of the traffic information centre for Slovenian national roads, encompassing the upgrade of the KAŽIPOT application (DATEX II) and the web service for traffic information of neighbouring countries.

The final stop of the CROCODILE on-site visits was at the traffic control centre Vienna-Inzersdorf. On the way to the TCC Inzersdorf two truck parking areas on the Austrian motorway network were visited as well. One of them (Guntramsdorf) has already been equipped and integrated into the intelligent truck parking system (ITP) of Austrian road operator ASFINAG. The second one (Laßnitzhöhe Süd) will be equipped and integrated within the CROCODILE project.

Within the CROCODILE project ASFINAG focuses on designing, deploying and upgrading the safety and security-related data collection (including both hardware and software) according to Delegated Regulation 886/2013. Furthermore the newly equipped truck parking places in Tyrol and for the greater Graz area will be integrated into the existing system. To further improve the quality of traffic data ASFINAG upgraded the monitoring system on the Austrian motorway network through the implementation of intelligent CCTV cameras. These cameras and the related software provide automatically generated real-time information on the traffic status and traffic situation.

With this event CROCODILE keeps on proving its added value on technical level. A major step on organisational level was the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between AT-HR-HU-IT-SI regarding cooperation in terms of traffic management and traffic information exchange which was signed on 19th of September 2014. This MoU can be seen as starting point for cross-border data exchange between Member States in Central South East Europ