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Four Roadmaps presented at the TRANSFORuM Final Conference


The final conference of the TRANSFORuM project took place on 8th December 2014 in Brussels. Goal of this two-year EU project is to develop roadmaps for four selected goals of the White Paper on Transport, published by the European Commission in 2011. These goals relate to the reduction of conventionally fuelled cars in urban areas until 2050, shift of freight transport from road to rail and waterway until 2050, completion of the European highspeed-rail network until 2050 and the setting up of a framework for a European multimodal information, management and payment system until 2020.

The roadmaps were presented at the conference and discussed with the participants. They can be downloaded from http://www.transforum-project.eu/resources/library.html. Video recordings from the conference and further information are available from http://www.transforum-project.eu/events/dec-8th-2014-brussels.html. Until the end of the project in January2015 a strategic outlook and recommendations on joint actions across the four roadmaps will be developed.

Further information on the project is available from  www.transforum-project.eu.