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Current PCP report published. Lessons Learned from PCP projects


The iMobility Support project has recently published the 2014 report on pre-commercial procurement (PCP) , giving an inside view on the instrument pre-commercial procurement by focusing on lessons learned from currently ongoing or recently finalised PCP projects in Europe.

In the first PCP report published in 2013 the iMobility Support consortium elaborated a document providing basic information about the instrument PCP in the area of intelligent mobility and an overview on currently running PCP projects and initiatives in the ITS sector across Europe. This has been a very important basis for the future work, as a comprehensive overview of initiatives in the ITS sector has been totally missing until that date.

The aim of the recently published iMobility Support report of 2014 is different. Based on the overview of existing PCP projects and initiatives in relation to the area of intelligent mobility this report is focusing on lessons learned from PCP projects. Furthermore the changes in the legal framework for procurement and the implications for PCP are illustrated. Last, but not least, the authors take a look abroad and compare the European PCP approach with the Canadian Innovation Procurement concept.

For getting this inside view AustriaTech interviewed a number of PCP project leaders. The interviewees shared their reasons for using PCP like pushing innovation or enabling solutions designed to the specific needs of the procurers, major challenges they faced during the process, lessons learned and their future considerations about subsequent procurement.

The results published in the report are an important step towards a better understanding of the instrument PCP and its potential. The lessons learned from ongoing and just finished PCP Projects are helpful information that can be taken into account when planning to procure a solution, which is not available on the market yet.

The full PCP-Report is public and available HERE.

About iMobility Support

The project “iMobility Support” coordinated by ERTICO and founded under FP7 is supporting the deployment of intelligent mobility in Europe by organising the iMobility Forum activities including stakeholder networking, deployment support, awareness raising and dissemination of results of the ICT for smart, safe and clean mobility.

Within this support project AustriaTech is responsible for the task “Pre-Commercial Procurement Support” working on the topic of PCP in the field of mobility and ITS. Within the scope of the project, awareness of the public procurers in the transport sector and their knowledge about the instrument PCP ought to be promoted and strengthened. Measures to foster this are:

  • revising and publishing of the PCP Handbook,
  • the yearly report on PCP activities in the area of mobility and ITS (the Report 2013 is available here, the Report 2014 is available here),
  • organising of special info days and webinars on the topic PCP

If you want to find more information on the project have a look at the project website: http://www.imobilitysupport.eu.
For information on “Pre-Commercial Procurement Support” contact Katharina.Zwick(at)austiratech.at