General meeting of the CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum


The CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum was established in 2013 as a part of the CIVITAS initiative. The currently 41 members of the community, which is organized as a registered association, are composed of city agencies, research institutions and other institutions, which aim to enhance the quality of life and living conditions in cities. In spatial terms the CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum is representing Austria, Germany and the German-speaking part of Switzerland. AustriaTech already accompanied the activities of CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum since its foundation and is an active member since 2014.

After looking back on a successful year of club-activities, different priorities were identified for further activities:

  • City Logistics & last mile logistics - what tools does it need to meet CO2-free city logistics?
  • E-mobility & climate-friendly transport strategies
  • "Shared Mobility"

On the subject of shared mobility a workshop in Graz is already planned in cooperation with the Austrian Association of Cities and the AustriaTech in November of this year.

Key point of the General meeting was the discussion and finally the unanimous decision of the communiqué of the CIVITAS network for the German-speaking area e.V. Some of the priorities regarding to approaches and demands of the CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum should be represented in this paper to the political public in an easy to understand way.

Summarizing, the assembly gave a comprehensive overview of current and future issues and activities to the present members. The network is already looking forward to new members by its sympathy and assistance the CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum could come a step closer its common objectives.

More information can be found at the Internet representation of the CIVINET Deutscher Sprachraum.