Objectives of the platform

  • To help transfer know-how to build up ITS competence
  • To strengthen and expand the national ITS network
  • To support the establishment of framework conditions for a harmonised deployment
  • To increase the level of awareness for the users of ITS in policy, industry and the public sector

The Boards of ITS Austria

The ITS Austria Board is the external interface and serves to display and disseminate the commonly developed positions and issues, as well as existing ITS expertise. This takes place at events or in cooperation with other European and international ITS platforms. The members of the ITS Austria Board meet together with actors of the large Austrian associations related to ITS (ATTC, GSV and ÖVG), countries, communities and infrastructure operators.

The Strategic Board is dedicated to monitoring ITS activity in Austria and the development of measures as input to further the ITS Action Plan. As part of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit), the Strategic Advisory Board looks critically at ITS tools and measures past and present. The members of the Strategic Board are appointed by bmvit.

ITS Advisory Board is defined in the Austrian ITS law and its function is purely advisory. The board is consulted by bmvit before remittal of federal regulations, and is made up of core members and consultant experts nominated by the bmvit.

Working Groups can be called for the development of positions and topics from all committees of ITS Austria. The structure and content of the working group are defined by the respective board.

Members of ITS Austria Board