About the funding programme "Future Mobility"


This UML-initiative is funded by the research programme "Future Mobility". Increasing needs for mobility in addition to a simultaneous shortage of resources and limited capacities require new problem-solving approaches within research-, innovation- and technology-policies. The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology continues and adapts its funding activities for mobility-relevant research for the next years, as part of the "Future Mobility" programme. The guaranteeing of mobility-possibilities with the simultaneous minimization of the negative effects of transport is substantial to the programme. "Future Mobility" initiates holistic problem-solving approaches for a modern, future-oriented transport system and contributes to a balance of interests between society, environment and economy.

An essential goal of the programme is the support of research projects which can provide crucial mid- to long-term approaches for mobility-relevant societal challenges and boost existent markets as well as generate new market opportunities through innovation.

The four complementary thematic fields of the "Future Mobility" programme, to which the Urban Mobility Labs should make a major contribution, are:

  • Innovative design of passenger transport
  • New organisation of freight transport
  • Mutual development of transport infrastructure
  • Alternative development of vehicle technology

Within the thematic fields of "passenger transport" and "freight transport" the valorisation of technologies as well as innovations in the organisational and social context of the transport system are the main focuses. The thematic fields of "transport infrastructure" and "vehicle technology" are targeted on specific technologies and stakeholders.

Additional information (in German language) about the "Future Mobility" programme can be found here:

Future Mobility

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