Exploration Phase UML - Support, networking and international exchange, driven by AustriaTech

The exploration-phase-projects of the Urban-Mobility-Labs-initiative have been accompanied by AustriaTech during the whole project-duration. The support, among other things, involved following tasks:

  • contentual advice for the submission,
  • support for the inclusion of relevant stakeholders,
  • the introducing of best-practice-examples and a European perspective,
  • knowledge transfer between the projects concerning promising cooperation models

The target audience for the activities of AustriaTech have been the exploration-phase-projects and the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology itself.

In the context of the Companionship, AustriaTech took part in events of particular Urban Mobility Labs and applied itself concerning the contents. Based on the acquired insights from the UMLs, additional events, which were contentual aligned to the respective states and needs of the projects, have been organised by Austriatech.



1st Network meeting

The aim of the first network meeting was to get the UMLs to know each other and discuss their thoughts about the structure, contents and the positioning of Urban Mobility Labs.

Out of the agenda:

  • Urban Mobility Labs – Brief introduction of the UMLs
  • Motivation – Aims – Contents & Status-Quo
  • Introduction of the concept of the corollary survey and the focus-groups
  • Exchange & mutual learning in focus-groups

1st Network meeting Downloads:



2nd Network meeting

The focus for the second network meeting was on organisation- and business-models. Expert-inputs brought many new insights.

Out of the agenda:

  • The corollary survey – Interim balance of the first results and conclusions from the survey
  • Cornerstones of the funding instrument for the implementation phase – Contemplation and discussion
  • Setting-up, running and managing Living Labs - Practical & theoretical observations based on 10 years of Flemish Living Labs
  • Business models for an Urban Mobility Lab – How can / should / must an Urban Mobility Lab be organised?

2nd Network meeting Downloads:



Field Trip: Visiting the ITS Factory Tampere

In October 2015 a delegation of four exploration-phase-projects from the Urban-Mobility-Labs-initiative visited the ITS Factory in Tampere. The ITS Factory is a well-established Living Lab Community, which devoted itself thematic to the diverse field of intelligent traffic systems. The visitation served as opportunity for exchange and the setup for cooperation-possibilities.

Field Trip Downloads:



3rd Network meeting

In February 2016, the third version of the network meetings dealt with good-practice-examples of existing Open Innovation Labs, like the „JOSEPHS“ in Nürnberg. Many new insights and suggestions were acquired during the following discussions.

Out of the agenda:

  • Innovation Labs – Actual status of the subsidy instrument and possible framework conditions for the implementation
  • Implementation of the Urban Mobility Labs – Discussion regarding the overall organisation
  • Open Innovation in Practice - Insights from the Innovation Lab JOSEPHS
  • ITS Factory TAMPERE – A short view on Finland

3rd Network meeting Downloads:

Please Note: Due to data privacy regulations, not all presentations and documents can be provided for download. Please direct your inquiries regarding specific contents to AustriaTech. The presentations are generally in German language.