Accompanying activities during the implementation phase of Urban Mobility Labs (UML)

During the implementation phase of the Urban Mobility Labs, AustriaTech assumes the role of monitoring in regard to national activities and furthermore as a National Contact Point (NCP) for Living Labs. In the course, information about ongoing activities is disseminated via the smart mobility-Newsletter and press releases. AustriaTech is a contact point for information about the initiative and further ongoing activities of the Urban Mobility Labs (especially concerning the mediation between researchers and UML support). Furthermore the NCP is a counselling center for various topics (legal, funding modalities, etc.).

On this basis, AustriaTech will cluster and prepare expressions of interest concerning cooperations and support the development of a superordinate framework for innovations. Additionally the content support and the monitoring of the national UML will be taken over. This comprises the participation in strategic and content-related committees of the UMLs, the screening of current problems, the provision of contacts and the elaboration of solutions beyond the individual UMLs.

The involvement of the initiative and the UMLs in superordinate national frameworks and (further) developments like ITS Austria are of great relevance to include stakeholder needs within the UML. AustriaTech will actively participate in national events, platforms and activities and include and position Austrian activities in order to enhance the network of the UMLs and the initiative.

Following formats are offered to fulfill these tasks:


Dialogue forum

Dialogue forums are offered on a quarterly basis and aim to create a network between stakeholders. It includes the presentation and discussion of the current state of activities, developments and challenges in order to collaboratively set the next steps. This event can be organised independently or with selected partners (test environment, automation, KfV, WKO etc.) within a relatively closed circle of the initiative. Dialogue forums can alternately have an international or national focus.


Partnering Events

Partnering events aim to build a network between stakeholders of the Urban Mobility Labs and potential national and international partners and address a broad range of players. These matchmaking-events target a small group (10-20 people) and will be offered yearly or on demand. Each event focuses on a specific topic. AustriaTech will take over the organisation, application, implementation, follow-up activities and will furthermore support the networking process of the consortia.


Thematic Meetings

These meetings are informative/advisory events on specific topics or problems. They are offered annually for medium sized groups (20-30 people) to create a platform for specific information dissemination, thus supporting stakeholders and providing relevant information.


This format provides room for discussion of current issues between the Urban Mobility Labs, AustriaTech and other stakeholders. It addresses small groups (about 5 people) which can be put together individually.

Professional Excursions

About once a year (or if needed) a professional excursion can be provided. The excursion can be used as an information and counselling event with a specific focus on networking activities with national and/or international stakeholders. It targets smaller circles (up to 10 people) and can address a specific topic or problem.